Foyle Bridge

I have to say a HUGE thanks to a good friend and fellow photographer Keith Rutherford for lending me a full frame camera – a Canon 5D MK1.

The difference between full frame and crop sensor is just shocking. I can’t get over the difference at all. High ISO performance is incredible, the noise seems to be a lot smaller compared to the crop as well along with less color noise. The noise it does create is actually usable noise!

I’m now even more keen to get my hands on a full frame, but I won’t be switching from Nikon ;)

A Foggy Derry

Usually I don’t really take my camera EVERYWHERE with me, but I’ve decided recently that if I really want to improve as a photographer I’m going to need take more images!

Here’s an image from this morning while on my way to work.

The Quay engulfed in blanket of fog in the early morning sun.

Errigal in the Morning Light

With the hopes of doing some astrophotography last night on the summit of Mount Muckish, I soon realized that it wasn’t going to happen due to low lying cloud all night.

So after half a bottle of wine I decided to call it a night and get tucked up in my sleeping bag inside the tent.

I set the Alarm for 5:30am so as to catch the sunrise and it did not disappoint!

Here is Mount Errigal (and a few others I don’t remember the names) baking in the morning light from the Summit of Mount Muckish.

It is completely worth a rough nights sleeping in temperatures hovering around 6° with and rain all night when you can get up in the morning and see Irelands beauty from 2,185 ft above sea level.

As a reminder, any of my photos are for sale with prices starting from £10.

Drop me a PM for more information or email

Into the Unknown

After hiking up Mount Errigal early Saturday morning, I had a serious itch to get hiking up another mountain.

On Sunday past myself & my younger brother decided that Mount Sawel would be a decent mountain to hike, with it just slightly smaller than Errigal and plus the fact it’s only up the road!

I had hoped to capture images of the Mournes and Donegal Mountains but the weather was far from being on our side.

Rain, fog, and strong winds the entire time we where there made for very little use of the camera!

I did however manage to snap this one of my brother and I’ve titled it "Into the Unknown" because myself or him didn’t know what was ahead of us!

Downhill Aurora 2014

With the possibility of an Aurora this evening, and the first of the 2014/2015 season, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to miss it.

Although very faint, it’s confirmation that the 2014/2015 Aurora season has officially begun! You can see the green glow on the left handside just about the clouds and the 2 lights on the horizon.

Hopefully this is the first of many more sightings to come!

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