New Video! – Bella climbing the slide

My daughter, Bella, who has no power or feeling in her legs due to having Spina Bifida. She will be confined to a wheelchair all her life but it doesn’t stop her from doing things she loves!

I bought her a slide recently and because of not being to climb up the conventional way, she climbs up the bit you slide down.

Here she is climbing a slide using nothing but upper body strength, pulling herself up the slide.

She really is a wee tank!

New Video! – Batten Down the Hatches – The First Storm of the Season is Here!

The first storm of Autumn 2014 has arrived with a big bang!

After the dryest September since records began, we have driving rain and gale force winds tonight. Not as bad where I am outside of Londonderry ~ Derry, but other parts of the country are getting a serious hammering.

Power outages, trees down, flights taking 3 attempts to land at Belfast International Airport along with flights being diverted to Glasgow.

Good to see some sort of weather action after a boring few months during the summer. Looking forward to Autumn & Winter now :)

Hopefully plenty more of this to come!!

Foyle Bridge

I have to say a HUGE thanks to a good friend and fellow photographer Keith Rutherford for lending me a full frame camera – a Canon 5D MK1.

The difference between full frame and crop sensor is just shocking. I can’t get over the difference at all. High ISO performance is incredible, the noise seems to be a lot smaller compared to the crop as well along with less color noise. The noise it does create is actually usable noise!

I’m now even more keen to get my hands on a full frame, but I won’t be switching from Nikon ;)

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