FR611 Derry to Stansted

I’ve been extremely busy this past while with work at home that I’ve not been getting out as much as I would like to so tonight I decided since it was a beautiful evening, I’d dust off the ole thermals and get wrapped up and head out with the dog and camera a walk.

I ended up walking down towards the airport and noticed that there was a plane coming in to land and it made me think of a shot I’d wanted to get for ages!

45 minutes later after waiting about, the place started to taxi towards the runway and took off.

For you camera geeks the EXIF details: D7000, 35mm, ISO320, f/4.0 30 seconds.

New Video! – Bella climbing the slide

My daughter, Bella, who has no power or feeling in her legs due to having Spina Bifida. She will be confined to a wheelchair all her life but it doesn’t stop her from doing things she loves!

I bought her a slide recently and because of not being to climb up the conventional way, she climbs up the bit you slide down.

Here she is climbing a slide using nothing but upper body strength, pulling herself up the slide.

She really is a wee tank!

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