Craigback Radio Station Mess Hall

An image from archives, this time featuring the mess hall at Killylane Radio Station on the Craigbrack Road.

The lightpainting inside the mess hall was carried out using a modified LED Maglite with the inside stripped out and a quality street wrapper over the lens.

Polaris Star Trails

I’ve done these before and was overly fond of them, but thought I’d give it another go with having polaris in the picture.

I’m not overly sure what the issue is with the grid like "overlay" on the picture, so I need to do some research into it.

From chatting with another photographer, it seems that it’s because the image was underexposed and during post, the exposure was increased.

Anyhow, I loved the effect that this returned and I can see me doing more of these in the future.

The quality of this is awful, even though it was shot only at ISO800 on a D7000!!

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